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Čestitamo konferenciji Jiezhou Floor Exchange Conference Xi'an Station i kolodvoru Guangzhou uspješno završene!

Vrijeme objavljivanja: 2021-06-29 Pregleda: 1

In order to improve the overall construction level of China's floor industry and help floor practitioners to master the construction technology of various floor materials, Jiezhou Construction Machinery cooperated with Xi'an Shengxiong, Shanghai Taifeng, Zhejiang Land Internet of Things, and Guangdong Guteyi New Materials Co., Ltd. Training and exchange meetings were held in Xi'an and Guangzhou recently.

The Jiezhou Training and Exchange Conference was held in Xi’an. The purpose of the meeting was "Training + Communication + Practical Operation". It mainly introduced the field of floor construction. Jiezhou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. can provide integrated floor construction equipment and various types of epoxy floors. The performance and practical application of floor, wear-resistant floor, non-slip ramp, water-based polyurethane coating floor, wall system, high-strength crystal paint art coating.

At the product demonstration site, everyone personally felt the charm of our machines, and couldn't help but operate them by themselves!

The Guangzhou station of the exchange meeting is scheduled for May 8. The training exchange meeting aims to improve the level practitioners’ understanding of the national floor specifications and atlases, floor standards, and training on high-end floor construction (such as epoxy, inorganic grinding). Stone, seamless prestressed concrete, etc.) and floor coating prone problems and solutions.

After the organizer, General Manager Yin Qiuhua, delivered a welcome speech, the topic of our manager’s speech "Development Trends in Floor Construction" won rounds of applause. The explanation of "Laser Leveler Application Technology" allowed construction companies that previously only focused on surface coating to discover Concrete construction was not so difficult before, and the interest in integrated construction has become stronger.

In the afternoon's practical operation, Jiezhou's full range of floor construction equipment left a deep impression on customers! At the evening thank-you dinner, the organizer also issued the "Floor Construction Worker Certificate" training completion certificate to the trainees who participated in the training.

Training and exchange activities in Shanghai, Xi'an and Guangzhou are ongoing, and our activities have been highly praised by customers. We will continue to work hard, insist on focusing on quality, actively develop better products, and create greater value for customers and society!