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The 2017 Dealers Annual Meeting of Dynamic Was Successfully Held!Thank you!

Vrijeme objavljivanja: 2021-06-29 Pregleda: 5

In December 28, 2017, our company meeted  the long-awaited annual meeting of the dealer! At about 10:30 in the morning, the guests arrived at the meeting to sign in and were ready to attend the annual meeting of our distributors in the afternoon.

At noon meals and  a little rest, our conference officially began at 13:00, first by our general manager Wu Yunzhou made a welcome speech, followed by our manager of the eastern region of Southern China Zhang Shiliang to explain the development process of our company and product introduction for everyone.

Next was the top of our annual meeting. Wu Yunzhou, our general manager, shares the course and inspiration of our company in the past. It also showed our willingness to cooperate with distributors and win the development together.

The site also invited distributors to speak on behalf of the Secretary General of the Henan floor Association, Li Shu and Wu Song. And awarded the annual sales champion for Wu Song!

After the meeting, the guests took the bus arranged by our company to visit our factory and watch the demonstration of the products. Although the rainfall is not small, but the guests were still instrest in, the scene commentators also communicated with the guests, the scene was very active!

Look back on the past, we have made progress in the harvest; looking forward to the future, we are looking forward to advancing! The busy 2017 has been quietly in the past, and the expected 2018 has come to us slowly! In this year, we have paid, worked hard, and got a lot of harvest. Here I want to say, thank you, thank our dealers friends, it is your joint assistance, we will become better and better and become more and more distant. We hope that in 2018, we will continue to make persistent efforts and create brilliance again.