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The Sixth Terrace Technical Communication of Our Company Was Successfully Held

Vrijeme objavljivanja: 2021-06-29 Pregleda: 5

On December 1 st, with a clear sky, our Dynamic Construction Machinery ushered in the "2017 Sixth Floor Indestry Technology Exchinery Conference". We are honored to invite Mr. Remon from the Philippines as our special guest speaker for this exchange meeting.

After a brief lunch at noon, our exchange meeting officially began! After the general manager Wu Yunzhou gave a welcome speech, the guests at the scence were divided into three groups and led by our business manager to visit the factory.

During the visit to the factory, everyone was very interested and praised our company's good production environment, excellent processing equipment, and advanced technology!

Afterwards, it was the speech session of the specially invited guests. The time we were fortunate to have Mr. Remon from the Phlilppines to explain the "American ACI Construction Standards" for us, which was translated on-site by Zhao Haiting from the Foreign Trade Department of our company. During the speech, the guests were very interested and enthusiastically asked questions, and Mr. Remon was also enthusiastic to teach everyone to solve their doubts! The "Current Development Trend of Flooring Industry" explained by Mr. Tong Qingzhong also benefited everyone a lot! The guests interacted constantly, and the atmosphere of endless communication pushed the event to a climax!

Theory and operation are always inseparable, and theory and actual operation can make the guests understand more deeply. Therefore, after the speech session, the guests moved to the outfield machine demonstration area to watch the operation demonstration of a complete set of equipment to understand our company's integrated construction. The guests were very interested and enthusiastically tried to operation of the machine, they highly praised and affirmed the quality and operating comfort of our products.

Thank you very much to Zhang Gongmin, Chairman of Shangong Floor Association, Wu Gangm, Chairman of Chongqing Flooring Association, Yin Qiuhua, Chairman of Jiangxi Flooring Association, Secretary-General Li Shu of Henan Flooring Association, and Chairman Guo Penglai of the United States Shield for also participating. Come to our exchange activity this time!

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